Too much to hold on

Talking with someone who is way ahead of you in life with a handful of experience opens up different opinions about a thing. I asked my friend daniel today, should I learn app or web development for starting a startup?

I thought that would be a straightaway answer given the facts he is been in the field of tech and met various peoples. Instead, it was an answer I never thought of that I would hear. I expected this or that, my perspective was really narrow counting on this, but when he opens up, I was amazed how different opinions every people has and they satisfy you or knock your balls at times.

Well yeah, maybe I don’t reach out to people more or discuss the ideas with mediocre people mostly my friends one’s who gives answer either to cut that conversation or to please me. Neither helped me, randomly reaching out to someone does really make sense and changes the way you see the world.

When Daniel explained the line engineer’s disease: worried about the tech stack before having a problem to solve. That line really makes sense, before my perspective towards startup was to learn a tech stack, specifically web or app development so I can build something to present to the customers.

But I never dig deep into the problem itself in the first place, I always look for tech stack rather taking a step forward to root inside a problem, and decoding to the core is often rare.

Worrying about what should I learn next, yet holding onto the existing projects and stuff demoralize me. I develop thoughts such as, it’s too late to start things out and time is really limited I should rush up everything to get going.

It never was the case. More like me feeding the empty volcano with lava and when it bursts, I blame them.

At sometimes it’s too much to hold on, letting go is the option or filtering out the tasks might which we’re not unprecedented is the fastest way to growth I reckon.

I should invest more time filtering out or plotting a mind map for my decisions and thoughts before adding to my bucket list. I am not a juggler to balance multiple things in one instance.

All my life, I tried to be one. I realized it’s not the way.



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