We all need a moment…

I had a situation with my friend yesterday where we forgot about who we are and got into extreme fights and arguments. Since she had a tough childhood certain things were hard for her to understand and adapt to, by knowing all this stuff yesterday I acted like a jerk instead.

It was my responsibility indeed to set things right, instead, I was dominant and in a rage to win over the argument. And know what? things get crazy and go outta hand when one isn’t paying attention to what’s going on.

Exactly we were busy getting down to each other but there wasn’t the love or care which we had before. It was such a dirty brawl or more like warfare, things were hot enough to control. And in the end, it didn’t end well, we both messed up mindsets and ruined each other’s day.

It took time to realize things, those heated moments struck nothing in my head except to win over the arguments. Settling down, thinking about how the other would have felt gradually brought things into me and eventually made me realize where I was wrong.

Looking back If I had that one moment to go into the hybrid mode and thought about it from different perspectives things would have been smoother.

You know one moment could reshape the whole scenario, only if we wish to take one.

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