What we watch, is what we are

I have never been a fan of crime stories and documentaries but recently I started to watch some of the videos on the internet. As the days go by I really got so much into it, more like an addiction kinda craving for different crime scenes and documentaries.

It makes you feel chill, with great narrators it’s even greater. I couldn’t resist watching them again and again. From psycho killers to homicide, rapists and superstitious cases, and whatnot.

But as the days pass by I really felt depressing and kinda heavy. Those cases and the things I watched and read kinda casting inside my mind all day. I tried to get these off from my head, but it just felt really heavy. My learning got affected and I happen to lock myself in the room and spend most of my time in it.

What I am gonna do?

And I realized what we consume is what we are. A person living inside a positive circle will be always optimistic about his choices and yeah even the way he interprets things. But it’s not true for everyone.

But the environment and what we consume are the roots of everything, and the other events build on top of that.

To sum up, yea gonna neglect things that give me a negative vibe and replace them with something which could both entertaining and positive.

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