What’s my best investment?

There were an enormous amount of commitments that were running inside my mind when I got paid for the very first time. There was a joy at one side, whereas on the other a hesitant to spend the money. As the days pass by, I felt guilt inside myself because I never wanna, be this guy choosy with money.

One clear thing is that to spend it on a reasonable thing and should boost my personal growth. So without a second choice, I took a rigid decision to spend money on my personal development. All of a sudden, today morning I decided to buy certain books which I wanted to buy all time.

But I know one thing for sure that I can’t afford new books from the store, rather I went for books which have been already used by someone, which lowers the cost by 60%. It was a great deal, but we gotta keep an eye out for blemishes and missing pages.

I went for 3 books which are kind of in good condition but can’t argue for a fresh-looking one taking consideration of cost I bought it.

I presented one book (Atomic Habit’s) to my buddy since he has problems with heaps of bad habits, for now, I thought, this book can reconstruct some of his habits into a better one.

By looking back, I have a gut feeling that I have made the right choice of spending my money. My intentions are simple never crave materialistic things rather create things out. Investing in our personal development is crucial than spending most of our lives to get a job.

I realized personal development is merely equal to money the, more you invest in yourself, the return profit might excite you in the end.



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