Why I am going to learn Python again?

I am already a Machine Learning Practitioner, a guy who knows how to code and been exposed to many technical things. Alright, you can ask me, Why Python again?

I have learned frameworks like TensorFlow, Pytorch (now), Scikit-Learn, and kinds of stuff which comes in handy for a Machine Learning stack. But I was into the tutorial hell finding a course that can teach me the frameworks and ease the job.

After a while I realized those courses didn't do any favor for me, rather buckling me inside the circle of restriction. A circle I can’t solve anything outta my course materials. I hope I am not the only one, shiny courses especially about frameworks caught us in and we forget to lay our foundation when it matters most.

Shiny Frameworks

When I was learning python for the first time, the motto was to get into Machine Learning for sure that's obvious why most people choose python.

There were these frameworks popping out and it was the center of attraction, as tech enthusiasts I always wanted to equip myself with the best tools and especially the new one.

This is where my shiny syndrome for frameworks started, I forget about learning python the way it should be (including OOP’s), most courses where I learned, the OOP’s concept was ignored.

But when I took the path of Experimenting Learning dumping down the tutorials, I was keen on working on my foundations. Learn things from documentation and more of research kinda way. I found it quite progressing when I tried on Pytorch, but this is where I felt like a complete noob.

While I was surfing through documentation and stuffs certain Python code doesn't make sense to me, meaning hard to decode what's written on there.

It was a complete noob like feeling, I thought I knew python but things were not what I thought.


Looking back at the disaster I did to myself, hard to accept to jump back to the basics.

I realized now I tried to jump back to basics but I refused to do so, it was the fact I was not ready to accept my blunder or other words intellectual dishonesty.

I thought I could fix this and running back behind those shiny frameworks but never intended to lay my foundation rigid.

But now I was smart enough to fix myself to be honest with me, stop running behind frameworks, and focus on the building blocks (Python) for now.

Counting that in, I recently bought a Book which covers almost everything on Python named Learning Python by Mark Lutz. There were no second thoughts on buying this book, I thought this will work and I gotta end the shiny syndrome once for all.

Book, 2nd hand

Above is the book I bought recently, to work and sharpen my knife (foundation), rather than focusing on frameworks. I accepted my lack of foundation, now it's time to work on it.

I know where I am lacking instead of working on the whole thing, it's smart to fix where our potholes are for the time being.

Hope I am not the only one on this journey of getting fucked up with the shiny syndrome. Lay your foundation well and good, ignore the frameworks for now.

Every day different frameworks might hit your face with great features, stay still whatever language it is JavaScript, Java, Python, Scala whatever it might be, work on it first.

Those frameworks can ease your job, but to dig deep and use it to the fullest you need to have strong foundations.

This was my experience why I am bouncing back to Python to work on my foundation again. If you feel on the same track, it's not late to fix your move.

Machine Learning Practitioner